Environment, Sustainability and Governance Report 2022 

The Mint Partners exists to imagine the next chapter of the Australian and NZ culture.

In keeping with our purpose, MINT as an organisation is focused on the future and how the decisions we make as an organisation now, impact the next chapter of our industry, our country and our world. 

MINT is regularly looking for ways to operate responsibly. The MINT 2022 ESG report addressed some key areas of focus and efforts to date, but we know that we can be doing more. We encourage our staff, partners and clients to continue to speak to us about what else we can do together. 


Who do we choose to support?
In 2022 we audited all office supplies and suppliers from waste disposal, to cleaning services and toilet paper to switch to more responsible business’. As of 2023, all office supplies are Forest Stewardship Council certified. 

What do we send out? 
Packaging for send-outs is a large part of MINT’s business. In 2022 we replaced showroom packaging with biodegradable and recyclable paper bags, and compostable garment bags. All packaging is now printed with MINT’s return address and we ask that it is returned for re-use or responsible disposal. 

What do propose to our clients? 
Since 2022, for any client events or send-outs, MINT employees suggest recycled and recyclable materials. Biodegradable post bags are used for posted send-outs where paper and cardboard is not possible. 


Food waste
In 2022, MINT updated the marked bins for mixed recyclables, cardboard/paper and general waste with clear instructions and examples. Outside of bathrooms, no other bins are offered in the office to encourage conscious disposal. 

MINT discourages food waste with all kitchen food returned to employees to take home each Friday and any catering packaged and distributed same day to staff for consumption or re-served the following day 


Team events
All team events consider their intent and impact. Responsible measures have been implemented such as: lower-emission transport; low footprint events such as Lawn Bowls; food waste reduction with self-catering. 

From 2023, MINT will undertake an environmental education event as a group once a year. 2023 will be a day with OzHarvest. The aim of this education is to improve how we behave as an office and as individuals as well as promoting idea generation for our clients. 


MINT uses a feedback tracking tool to encourage transparent giving, receiving and requesting of feedback amongst staff on a day-to-day basis as well as twice yearly reviews. Monthly anonymous satisfaction surveys have been implemented alongside monthly staff rewards based on peer feedback. The Mint Partners (ABN 19 366 401 634) 3 – 5 Caledonia Street, Paddington, NSW 2021, Australia www.themintpartners.com.au +61 9280 2133 [email protected] ACC: 85 438 4124 BSB: 082 048 

MINT uphold a 24hour standard for sharing news within the agency. This includes resignations and new hires. News is shared in person with an immediate email sent following for any staff not in attendance. 

Next generation
MINT adhere to the upmost integrity in their internship program with a 71% hire rate on interns in 2022. 

MINT run an internal training school in semesters for small groups on brand strategy and publicity, as well as inviting external resources for larger group trainings on topics of industry, culture and wholehearted leadership.

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