COVID Safeguard Your Brand

During times of uncertainty, both mainstream and social media are critical channels for crisis recovery. That's why we've created COVID Safeguard.

We believe being prepared for an issue or crisis is the best form of defence when it comes to long-term reputation management.

It is much easier to maintain positive brand equity if you are ready to act fast.

Our workshops, training sessions, and handbooks are what set us apart; and if a crisis does strike, our cool under pressure approach is second to none.

How can MINT increase your chances of recovery?

Let us help minimise the impact of a COVID-19 cluster on your business with our three-step process:

Step 1 – Key Messages
Prepare key messages for all your owned and earned communication channels, including the media, your website, social channels and signage, that cover what preventative steps you have taken and draft statements for a potential case

Step 2 – Response Plan
Create a handbook to ensure you and your team have clear guidelines on who is responsible at each stage and the key messages for different situations

Step 3 – Crisis Management
Senior MINT staff are on call to provide guidance, support and handle media and social enquiries

We also use powerful social listening tools combined with our new Safeguard Social process to provide deeper insights that inform your recovery strategy and drive positive conversations around your brand.

Social media is often the first place that people go to share opinions, seek answers, and read the news, particularly in times of crisis.

Do you know what your customers, stakeholders, and the media are reading, commenting, sharing, and posting?

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