Good News

In this instalment of Good News, we celebrate a national icon bringing cultural escapes to us at home, explore digital companions (or dare we say it love) in a socially isolated world and find new ways to keep our minds healthy with a free online course from a global art leader.

From our House to yours

While the doors to our iconic Opera House might be closed for now, with a new digital program they’ve found a way for us to experience the Opera House from our own.

From 6pm every Wednesday to Sunday , Australians will have the opportunity to tune in to a digital program of weekly live recordings, full-length performances, never-before-seen footage, podcasts, articles, videos and more, reliving its long, rich history.

See a talk from powerhouses Clementine Ford and Flex Mami, live studio sessions with Noah Lennox (AKA Panda Bear), a reading with David Williams from his book ‘Billionaire Boy’, a thought-proviking talk On Love with Alain De Botton, and a classical music performance from the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs.

More information on The Sydney Opera House website

Virtual Quarantine Boo

For those having a hard time securing a quaran-fling, a virtual one may be a solution.

Chatbots are transforming the mental health industry by revolutionization and supplementing cognitive behavioural therapy. Amid self-isolation, the lack of human contact and day to day socialising has increased the demand for digital connections with chatbots now able to generate more empathetic responses than ever.

Therapy chatbot startup Replika is reporting that roughly 40% of its 500,000 monthly users see its app as a romantic partner, showing that more users are seeing chatbots and AI in a more human, and even romantic light. Replika allows users to create a personal AI that helps them express and observe themselves through helpful conversation, essentially a space to share thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, memories and dreams privately to make sense of the world around them.

Some Good News

Bringing a well earned break from the Covid-19 news stream to you, John Krasinski has launched a YouTube series called Some Good News. The series brings light hearted and comedy filled stories to your screens straight from Krasinski’s SGN News Room (read: living room).

The first episode covered global good news from medical feats, proposals, love stories and neighbourly acts of kindness as well as an interview with co-star Steve Carrell in celebration of the 15thanniversary of The Office.

Heart warming and giggly, Some Good News is a feel good 15 minutes to put a smile on your face each week. Currently earning an average of 10M views per episode, its well worth watching if you’re looking for pick me up.

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