Influencer Engagement

At MINT, we are constantly evolving our guidelines and education around working with influencers. We utilise our own tried and tested vetting process, leading analysis tools and methodology to find the best talent and to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Celebrity Ambassadors

Industry and Cultural People of Influence

Social Media Influencers

Content Creators

MINT has a finely tuned network of influencers across a range of categories from fashion to food, travel, luxury brands and technology.


We plan an integrated and tiered engagement program, engaging media and celebrity for high awareness and nano influencers for high impact during all phases of delivery.

AI Technology

Our powerful platforms use AI technology and API integrations to identify and analyse people of influence, the right channels and create content will reach and influence the consumer.


MINT has a strong network of talent and people of influence who we engage to deliver unique content and strong cut-through.

Working with some of the world’s leading and emerging brands, MINT creates standout integrated public relations, social and digital solutions that produce powerful and measurable results.

The Mint Partners is a leading creative communications agency, headquartered in Sydney with an international office in Auckland New Zealand.

We can help you set a strategy and push the boundaries with bold and courageous ideas.
We have deep knowledge and connections across multiple industries spanning retail, travel, food, drinks, property, auto and tech.

Our content and strategies drive brand awareness and create advocacy for our clients to influence buyer behaviour.

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