Performance Metrics and Measurement

The Mint Partners have created a robust model to track and measure performance of our programs across all platforms.


We believe, in today’s data driven world, there is an almost endless supply of information. Often the greatest insight can be found at the intersection of those data points.


To quantify the true impact of campaigns and measure ourselves against our objectives, we need to define a list of trackable metrics and our methodology.


In the earned media environment MINT has an intimate knowledge of the ever-changing and fast-moving media space. We are specialists at developing ideas and providing strategic advice on how to leverage traditional and new media channels.

Data Collection & Measurement

Each set of data collection points is unique to the client and brief. The right tools are then sourced to ensure they can effectively capture this consistently across multiple markets. The desired methodology outcome will enable statistical (econometric) modelling of the impact of owned, earned and paid on your financial performance:

Quantifies the impact from paid, owned and earned marketing levers.

Identifies opportunities to drive growth through optimising the marketing mix.

Generates forecasts of sales outcomes based on planned scenarios, linking inputs to commercial results.

Working with some of the world’s leading and emerging brands, MINT creates standout integrated public relations, social and digital solutions that produce powerful and measurable results.

The Mint Partners is a leading creative communications agency, headquartered in Sydney with an international office in Auckland New Zealand.

We can help you set a strategy and push the boundaries with bold and courageous ideas.
We have deep knowledge and connections across multiple industries spanning retail, travel, food, drinks, property, auto and tech.

Our content and strategies drive brand awareness and create advocacy for our clients to influence buyer behaviour.

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