The Importance of Sleep

In such a fast-paced world where you may feel pressure to be constantly present and on the move, sleep might not be on the top of your priority list. Here’s why it should never waver

The Mint List

Our brand promise is that we “Tell a better story”. In order to do that, we need to understand not just our clients, but their customers/guests and how they are influenced to make decisions around trial and purchase/bookings.

4 Food Trends to Watch in 2019

In 2018 we experienced the influx of natural wines, chefs’ endless experimentation with fermentation and the villainization of both the plastic straw and the takeaway coffee cup, so what’s next on the agenda in the food world?

The Power of Vulnerability

At MINT we encourage the idea that work is a big part of our lives, so our work and personal persona should be in harmony

Digital Trends of 2019

The speed in which digital changes is mind bending, so predicting the trends is both exciting and really hard. What might have been the tool or gadget of choice one day is out 3 days later. What we do know for sure is that in 2019 things will become faster, more detailed and more helpful.

Generational Travel

As we gear up for another big year in travel in 2019, this week we’ve broken down the trends and habits of Australian travellers.

The Future is Now

Apparel brands are becoming more accessible than ever, and with the almost daily launch of new fashion brands, marketers are turning to innovation and tech in order to stay ahead of the pack and stand out.